A PROMISE TO HELP (click here to download out brochure)

"Black Belt Faith & Medicine Wholeness Initiative"

To Serve, Educate, Empower & Direct
Serve by volunteering our time, knowledge and expertise
Educate by sharing the importance of preventative healthcare & Temple Maintenance
Empower with technology & life skills systems
Direct those in need to the sources of HELP
[Planting a SEED]

A Promise To Help (APTH) is a healthcare initiative/mission directed to the Black Belt region. Sponsored by The Spirit Of Luke Ministry, A Promise To HELP is a volunteer base organization whose goals are to assist in eliminating healthcare disparities in the underserved, underprivileged, and underinsured populations of the Black Belt region.

APTH was conceived in 2003 by Dr. Sandra Ford and her Husband Henry after reading a Birmingham News special report entitled, "The Black Belt Alabama's Third World". Reading hte article rekindled the fire that had motivated Dr. Ford to become a physician and the promise she made to help once she finished her training. Growing up and attending school in rural Alabama Dr. Ford experienced first hand the inequities of the healthcare systems in the Black Belt region. Dr. Ford's previous efforts to HELP by treating patients in rural health clinics in Selma and Sipsey Alabama did not completely satisfy her desire to HELP.

APTH is simply what it says, those of us who share the vision of Dr. Ford to HELP, to do what we can do, coming together with one basic goal and that goal is to HELP.

APTH is organizing a volunteer work force of Doctors, Nurses, Ministers, healthcare professionals, media specialists, counselors, social workers, business leaders, skilled laborers, community activist and lovers of mankind. APTH goals are to offer the time, knowledge and expertise of this workforce to the communities of the Black Belt region and to partnership with the agencies and organizations that are doing the work in the community now.

We believe that the HELP we provide will greatly enhance the effectiveness of the establish entities working in the communities and that people inspiring people with hope, through acts of love and passion is the key to providing HELP in the Black Belt Region.





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