We believe God has given us an embraceable plan, one void of personal agendas. We are part of a global revival sent first on a Home Mission. Our model is taken from Matthew 4:23 "After Jesus was baptized and had gone through his wilderness experience his First Ministry was in Galilee where he went about Teaching. Preaching and Healing."

This vision > mission > movement was given to us as one that is so enormous that we could not for one second think that we could do it in our own strength. This is God inspired and only God will receive the Glory. God uses people who will do what he commands. Our petition for you is, to do do what you can do.

The following list is a sample of the areas that we believe that APTH will touch.

Prayer for Wisdom
The philosophy of Sowing & Reaping
Food preparation & acquisition
Cloth Manufacturing & alteration
Lesson on How to Fish (Financial Training)
Discipleship training
Establishing Trade Schools
Kingdom Training
Witty Inventions

Prayer of Jabez
A message of HOPE
A message of LOVE
A message of HELP
HELPing one another
HELPing yourself
HELPing your community

Prayer for the sick
Bring Mobile Clinic to the Black Belt region
Medical Screening
Direct Patient care by Physicians
Free Medicine
Free Diagnostic testing
Free Annointing Oil







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