APTH is a Virtual Corporation, a group of volunteers joining forces to produce a major victory, one of substance and power. We analogize this with a group of small companies joining forces to produce a superior product. Alone we're just a group of mom and pop stores but joined together for a common cause we're a Super Walmart, the driving force in the Industry

We are creating Synergy, (a combination of causes) synchronized energy (HELP) focused on one cause.

Our commitment is to

  1. Ask for Volunteer HELP.
  2. Identify the skills and synchronize the efforts of the volunteers.
  3. Identify the needs of the people and match the skilled volunteers to the areas of need
  4. Ask for the supplies, equipment, facilities and resources that will be needed by the volunteers to facilitate their efforts.
  5. Share the vision of God's Love with all that will listen.
  6. Protect the vision
  7. Do what we can Do.





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